We are now NDIS Registered!

At Ergonomic Solutions Australia, we offer large and varied range of ergonomic office and study furniture, ergonomic equipment and assistive technology solutions. Our aim has been and remains, to support people to achieve their most in vocational and educational pursuits. We have been a trusted partner for many health professionals, rehabilitation providers and end users in the supply of ergonomic furniture and equipment. Whether it is within the workplace, education facility, or for a home office or study solution, we have assisted many customers to set up a functional and independent environment, that supports individual needs and enables users to stay healthy, comfortable and normalize activities that have been a challenge for them in the past.

The past 18 months has seen us receiving an increased number of requests for assistance for NDIS registered clients and therefore we have gone through the process of becoming a registered provider of services under the NDIS. It has been an exciting journey, expanding our collective team knowledge and we have met some amazing advocates along the way.

With an origin in Occupational Therapy and Human Movement Science/ Ergonomics the team behind Ergonomic Solutions have always held independence and health and well being as our core values. Now with the opportunity as an NDIS registered provider, we have the chance to assist a wider range of customers, with less barriers for them to access ergonomic furniture and assistive equipment, to support users in performing essential vocational and educational activities. NDIS allows us to work with clients to ensure they have a broader choice and higher level of independence and control over what they want to achieve. We work directly with self- managed or partner up with the coordinator to apply best practice offerings for client’s decision making.

Our showroom in Crows Nest, Sydney, is fully wheelchair accessible and we welcome clients to visit us. Where this is not possible, we offer online and phone support for all our clients.

A message from our director: ‘It was a great process to go through and truly helps validate what we are here for: to service our customers by enabling choice and independence through an extensive range of tables, chairs and assistive solutions to all ages, conditions and sizes.’

We are excited to ensure we can continue to support needs as they arise and change over time. We look forward to welcoming all our NDIS clients online and in our showroom. 

Top 5 – Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Choosing an office chair can be a tricky process, with every shape, make and quality of chair claiming to be ‘ergonomic’. We have rated our pick of the 5 best ergonomic office chairs on the market, to help guide you on the pros and cons of choosing a chair that will provide you with a healthy sitting posture.

Firstly, we must point out, that as with most things out there, there is not a one size fits all chair. Some do come close however. But the best solution, if possible, is to go and try the chairs out from a retailer that understands ergonomics, seating and why one chair works better for you then another.

Secondly, a dynamic chair, one that allows movement when seated, will always provide you with a better outcome posturally, than a chair that is static or fixed. Saying this, not everyone immediately likes the feeling of movement when they are sitting. Movement, or rather frequent movement and postural change through the day will help to prevent stiffness and soreness in the short term, and joint deterioration and help prevent or minimise risk of injury associated with sitting for long periods.

So here are our 5 picks for ‘Ergonomic Office Chairs’

1) The All Rounder – HAG Futu ($$)

The HAG Futu and Futu Mesh are relative newcomers to the ergonomic office chair market. The Mesh back is our pick, due to the modern looks and breathability of the backrest. The Futu Mesh offers a lovely feel as soon as you sit down in the chair, with an additional lumbar support that provides above standard back support. The real winner for the HAG Futu Mesh is the inBalance movement mechanism that HAG are renowned for, and they have really fine tuned this, to deliver a perfectly balanced chair. The inBalance movement mechanism keeps the user in a constant balanced position between a forward tilt whilst working at a desk and reclined when reading, interacting with others or talking on a phone. All these features come in a chair with modern aesthetics and a fantastic colour selection.

2) The Premium Chair – RH Logic Highback 220 ($$$)

The RH Logic 220 is the re-imagination of the classic RH Logic 400, and has been tweaked to make it more refined, user friendly and even more comfortable, with softer seat cushioning. The Logic has a unique methodology in how it achieves a comfortable sitting posture. Initially you adjust the seat height, back rest angle, seat depth and using a lumbar pump, how much lumbar support you require.

The real magic happens however when you unlock the movement mechanism. The RH Logic has a unique technology that provides frictionless movement. Finely tuned to your body weight and height, the logic allows you to sit in perfect balance and provides continuous movement throughout the day. The logic can also be locked into any position, with no limits unlike most other chairs on the market. These features make the New Logic a pleasure to use once you master its intuitive controls.

3) The Entry Level Dynamic Chair – Profim LightUp ($)


The LightUp is the entry level mesh back chair by Profim, with a compact design and an easily adjustable synchro mechanism. It offers the user the ability to change posture from an upright ‘working’ position to a reclined posture, giving the back a rest. The LightUp has a thin seat pad, which some users find hard initially, but provides good overall comfort and with a seat slide function, can be adjusted to users requiring a deeper chair. The lumbar rest has a good natural feel and with an added adjustable support. It’s compact design is well suited to the home office as it is unobtrusive and visually pleasant. The LightUp offers a variety of colours in both the mesh and seat, however these are not yet stocked in Australia (we are hoping Profim will stock these in the future as they would add a further dimension to the chair).

4) The Budget 3 Lever Chair – Buro Metro/Roma ($)


The budget 3 lever chair market is a very crowded space, with literally hundreds of offerings with little to separate them. Choices become very much individual in preference for the foam in the seat, lumbar support, but also in terms of durability and construction quality. In our experience, the Buro Roma/Mentor pips the competition, with a soft foam feel that is instantly comfortable and a lumbar support that sits well in the lower back. With the choice of a foam back in the Roma, and a mesh back version in the Metro, the Buro 3 Lever range provides a comfortable sitting posture in a durable and well made chair.

5) The Ultimate Chair for you Back – HAG Capisco ($$)

Ask anyone who has sat in a Capisco for an extended period of time. It is our go to chair for any person with a lower back complaint, and to be honest for most people without one. The Capisco (with the saddle seat option) allows you to sit with a open hip angle, and most importantly, with your pelvis in a forward tilted position. Due to the shape of seat, you can comfortably sit with the knees lower than your hips, helping to tilt the pelvis forwards, and engage the core.

The unique shape of the backrest provides fantastic support for the lower back, but also does not restrict movement in the upper body. The wing like structure also acts as an elbow rest when not working, helping to move the shoulders back and open up the chest.

For many years now we have recommended the Capisco to customers who have had disc issues, as it puts the least pressure on the lumbar discs of any seat we have trialled. But this same principal works well for people who have not had back issues, by reducing disc pressure and therefore reducing the degeneration of the lower back.

Finally, the Capisco has a unique aesthetic, which we feel brings an interesting modern piece of furniture to any home office, be it a classic or modern environment.